Our Services

We work with clients all around the world and pride ourselves on building long-term relationships. We provide our clients with a structured high yielding property investment with none of the hassle.

We deal with all the marketing directly to vendors to acquiring properties or developments, ready to convert to HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) or multiple units within the build. Then using an in house build team of tradesmen, we refurbish/develop the properties at cost not retail.

We maximise efficiency and time spent taking a deal from contract to income producing asset, thus increasing ROI. At which point the managing arm will take over the tenant finding and vetting to ensure a smooth running house.


How KML Can Help You Become Wealthy Using Property


We will provide you with a completely hands-off passive investment fully managed by the KML team, or if you choose, the opportunity to learn how to purchase good value, high yielding structured property investments that out-perform conventional buy-to-let properties, whilst minimising the potential risks through an in-depth due diligence process. We will take you through the entire development process from beginning to end.

Subjects you will learn about whilst investing with us:

  • Repairing/improving your credit file
  • Selecting the right location/area to invest
  • Marketing to buy property
  • Deal stacking/ Due diligence
  • Financing Deals and recycling your capital
  • The conveyancing process
  • The planning process
  • Managing tradesmen/development stages
  • The stages of the development process (stripping property, first/second fix etc.)
  • Building Regulations (Building Cert, FENSA Certs, ECP, Pat Testing)
  • Finding the right suppliers
  • Furnishing property for maximum profit
  • Finding/Vetting Tenants
  • Building a power-team of mortgage brokers, lenders, tradesmen, solicitors, architects, investors
  • Managing Property to ensure long term Profit
  • Scaling up and growing your property portfolio

The learning process will be less theoretical and more hands on and practical where you will learn about purchasing tired and rundown property and developing it into a high yielding asset first hand from the KML team.